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女校友 Spotlight:

Christina Shaub Sciortiono, '14 and Hannah Broussard, '14


Favorite Memory at the Academy:

For the past 15 years I have made so many amazing memories at this place, but my favorite memory is being a senior. For years I always looked up to the "big girls" in red. I have always been so eager to be a senior and "lead the school". The feeling of finally being that senior that all the girls look up to is indescribable. Being a senior comes with so many new traditions like wearing red, cheering on the corner, and senior privileges that make it so much more special. I also really enjoyed planning both Senior 撤职s. It was so much fun to plan with my classmates and even more fun to put on. Being student council president and being behind the planning of our senior year has also made it so much more fun!

Favorite Tradition:

My favorite Sacred Heart tradition is our senior rings! Our rings are so special because everyone gets the same ring. It’s like a little piece of Sacred Heart that is always with you. My senior ring is my grandmother’s, who graduated from Sacred Heart in 1964. Being able to share this special tradition with all alums, but especially carrying on her Sacred Heart legacy makes it so special.

What will you miss the most about the Academy?

I am going to miss everything about Sacred Heart, especially walking through the halls and knowing everyone and the sense of security this place gives me. Sacred Heart truly is like a second home to me and the people here are my family. I am going to miss being at this place everyday. What I will miss most is the people, the teachers, the students, the administration and most of all my classmates. I have been going to school with some of these people for 15 years. Not being with them every day will definitely be something I am going to miss.

How has Sacred Heart prepared you for life beyond the Academy?

Sacred Heart has prepared me for life after graduation in every aspect. My education has taught me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. The constant support I have gotten from my teachers throughout my time at Sacred Heart has shaped me into the confident and out-going person I am today. What has shaped me the most are the Goals and Criteria. Growing up with these 5 goals, they have become a subconscious way of living. These goals allow us to flourish in our time at Sacred Heart, but also to go out in the world and show them what it means to be a Sacred Heart girl.